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Sustainable living redefined

Shui - Water. The element of rejuvenation. The elixir of life.

Inspired by Shui, our new superlink villas are conceptualized an designed as homes with unparallel features and luxury. Space is maximised with a stupendous build-up are of 4,300sf. Volume is also prioritized with a double volume hall that trancends both the groud floor and first floor areas. Rejuvenation is also utmost with magnificent full height 20-ft vistas of lush greenery in the living hall. Play is a must with a recreation roof deck complete with private pool. And as a gated and guarded enclave, peace of mind is assured.

Shui, epitomizes eastern values of sustainable living. Join the community at Shui, give your family a lifestyle without compromise.

     Shui is ready for viewing, 10am-6pm daily. For information, call 016-323 1221